We believe God created us to live in authentic community and only then can we live the life He intends for us. Joining a Life Group will connect you to the meaningful and life-changing relationships we all need.
Life Groups meet weekly for 12-week semesters and are built around four expectations, which we call the ABCDs:
Accountability: Participants can expect to be held accountable by inviting people into your life to challenge you in your faith, priorities, and relationships
Belonging: Participants can expect to belong to something where they feel accepted, connected, and comfortable with a group of people.
Care: Participants can expect to be cared for by one another. In turn, participants can expect to care for those outside their group through quarterly service opportunities.
Discipleship: Participants can expect to engage in prayer and study pf the Bible to help them live out the Christian faith.
Fall Semester Begins in September!
Lee’s Summit
Pastor Brian and Jennifer Smith – Leaders
Sunday @ 6pm
Blue Springs
Hannah Kirby – Leader
Monday @ 6:00pm
Ed and Vicki Eshleman – Leaders
Monday @ 6:30pm
If you’re interested in joining a Life Group, please contact Pastor Brian.