NEXT STEPS is a step-by-step process of growth and introduction to our church and the life God intended for you. Join us on a 4-week journey that will connect you to God and the church, and help you discover your purpose in life and ministry.
stepONE – Connect to God
  • Learn the spiritual journey that God has for each of us: to follow Jesus.
stepTWO – Experience Freedom
  • Discover more about the ministry of Lakewood Way and what it looks like to be part of the Lakewood Way family.
stepTHREE – Discover Your Purpose
  • Discover your personality, spiritual gifts, and passions and see how they indicate your purpose in life and your best fit in ministry.
stepFOUR – Change the World
  • Connect to the opportunities available at Lakewood Way and in the community to live out your purpose and serve others as a “World Changer.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

How often is NEXT STEPS offered?

Once a quarter – March, June, September, and December. Each step takes place on the corresponding week – step 1 on week 1, step 2 on week 2, etc.

Do I have to take NEXT STEPS every quarter?

No. Once you have completed the 4 steps, you have finished and are on your way to changing the world.

When and where does NEXT STEPS take place?

Immediately following the worship service in the Community Room (first room on the left in the hallway).

Will there be food available?

Yes. We know NEXT STEPS takes place during the lunch hour, so we will provide a light meal that can be eaten while you participate.

Will childcare be available?

Our goal is to have childcare available for the June, September, and December offerings of NEXT STEPS.

Is NEXT STEPS required?

No, NEXT STEPS is not required to attend Lakewood Way. However, we are encouraging everyone to attend NEXT STEPS because we believe you will enjoy this step-by-step process of growth, introduction to our church, and pathway to fulfilling your God-given purpose. Those required to complete NEXT STEPS are those actively serving or wishing to serve in the ministries of the church.